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“Getting Strangers become Potential Clients then convert them to become your client lastly become your ambassadors”

Today, wanting to stand out from the competition is not just about posting Facebook ads. Because most people will encounter the following problems:

Why..... I posted a Facebook ads...

1) LIKE Most of my people are "foreign workers"?

2) It seems that no one is watching my advertisement?

3) Facial book often Reject my advertisement?

4) How much advertising fee should I spend in a day?

5) The advertisement did not respond after a day?

6) Sometimes, the account will be frozen.

7) Why, often other people's ads will always appear in my Facebook book "How to do it?"

Engage in Facebook ads, we still need to have Fisherman's attitude:

What is the attitude of the fisherman?

1) Preparation before going to sea

2) Find the Fishing Spots in the Sea

3) After finding the Fishing Spot, don't be too happy because the fish will be scared away by your every move. The fisherman will throw a bait to lure the fish.

4) Never too late, then the fishermen will seize the opportunity to skillfully cast net fishing and catch the fish.

5) After catching the fish, they have not spared. They will quickly start to classify and play the small fish back to the sea.

6) After returning to the shore, the diligent fisherman will rush to fish nets and make up fishing nets and will study with his partners on today's fishing strategy so that fishing can be carried out more smoothly tomorrow.

Workshop Details

During our workshop, we will let you master the fisherman's ability to use the Facebook advertisement.


The course includes:

1) Understand what is an FB ads?

2) Facebook Advertising Plan “Five Steps Marketing” turns strangers into customers

3) Design Facebook photo and video [free software]

4) Facebook advertising trap design [four-way tracking advertising]

5) How to spend the most effective advertising fee in Facebook ads [Save money]

6) How to use Facebbok advertising to win opponents

7) How to exclude foreign workers from Facebook ads and avoid ads being [Reject]

8) On-site demonstration operation FACEBOOK Four-way tracking advertising setting.

9) Facebook advertising report analysis



 -- 09.00am - 09.30am  Registration


 -- 09.30am - 12.00pm  Theory on FB Ads Funnel 


 -- 12.00pm - 01.30pm  Lunch "Included”


 -- 01.30pm - 03.30pm   Practical on Design FB ads 


-- 03.30pm  - 04.00pm  Tea Break “Included”


 -- 04.00pm - 05.30pm   Practical on Setting FB ads  


 -- 05.30pm - 06.00pm   Q&A


 -- 06.00pm Workshop   End...


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