The born of R2O, Retail to Online Marketing.

How R2O vision founded - Retail to Online Marketing.

R2O founded in a sudden way, initially founder of R2O is planned to launch his own online business to become a passive income solely from online platform.

March 2015, he attended a booth camp & he opened his mind out of sudden to have a great vision to bring retail business to another level by online marketing. All the idea flashes his mind during his refilling car petrol.

In the retail market, most of the retail owner or Retail SME thought that online marketplaces going to concur retail market. They were so afraid on online marketplaces & try their very best to sell online as well. But what actually to growth is Omni-channel strategy.

The inspiration Quote:

"During the Gold Rush, most would-be miner lost money, but people who sold them picks, shovels, tents and blue-jeans (levi Stauss) made a nice profit" by Peter Lynch

During R2O childhood:

R2O founder, Richer Lock is so excited with his vision & whatsapp to his best working buddy, Ms Jacelyn & Mr Joseph to share about his R2O vision. In April, R2O held their first meeting to plan how to grow R2O.

After few round of energetic meeting, he proposed to his working boss Mr Stephen on his R2O proposal. Mr Stephen buys his idea and starts his first and ever contract with R2O.

In year 2015, R2O's first & key client is Lam Loong Photo House Sdn Bhd with brand named "GADGETRIA" GADGETRIA is local retail-chain store that selling cameras & photo printing services. Since 2012, GADGETRIA start to diversify his business with selling gadget item such as smartphone in their existing outlets. During the transition period, GADGETRIA faced a lot of obstacles such as: product development issue, staff issue, offline marketing issue & etc.

Until end of 2014, founder of R2O took of position as senior marketing executive in GADGETRIA. He managed to break-thru the main obstacles that GADGETRIA faced previously and bring GADGETRIA smartphone business to another peak level.

Beginning of 2015' Malaysia's government announced implementation of 6% GST, GADGETRIA did a good job to grab the pre-GST sales promotion by increasing sales on 40%

The bad news was, the sales dropped average 45-60% in the market just after implementation of 6% GST in March.

At this time, R2O founded in April & sign his first and ever contract with GADGETRIA. R2O childhood begin from here.

During grow period:

Team of R2O was so excited with the first contract & gave full energy to build back GADGETRIA business back to the track.

The 5S Facebook Marketing was implemented by R2O to rebuild the retail business.

What is 5S: Sell, Speak, Serve, Save & Sizzle thru Facebook Marketing Strategies.

With the 5S objectives: GADGETRIA business on track with the sales before GST in 3 months time July - September 2015 sales already better than last year July - September 2014. The greatest part was, in October - December 2015 sales compared with October - December 2014 the sales is growth by 30% (the peak result hit by GADGETRIA).

The success story of GADGETRIA is R2O growing memory. The success story of GADGETRIA is also proved that online marketing works on retail business. GADGETRIA only utilize 0.4% of total revenue in Facebook Marketing & it solely on Facebook marketing as GADGETRIA marketing A&P campaign.

What R2O provides:

1) Seminars to Retailer on how to hybrid retail business together with online marketing & offline marketing, we called "R2O Marketing"