Retail Business is struggling after implementation of GST. What to focus now 2015? - how to bring le

As we discuss on last discussion, leads generation is the Top 1 to be focus by retailers on 2015.

Without a lead/prospect walk in to your shop, there is impossible to have customer "customer means complete transaction of purchased.

But, how to get more leads to your shop with a better Roi, return on investment.

In general, there are two type of lead generation channel:

1) Offline channel

2) online channel

If we can combine two online & offline channel, we would called it "holistic marketing channel"

Below are the combination of online & offline marketing:

The few most important things business owner need to take in consideration are business type you are running, target customer demographic, geographic, techno graphic & psychographic.

Every event or promotion must consist below 4 steps "PCDA":

1) Plan

2) Do

3) Check

4) Action