Make Sure You Use a Headline ..!

Running an advertisement without a headline is like leaving the "open" sign off

the front of your store.

Your headline is effectively the "open" sign for your advertisement. It's the

thing that says, "Hi. We've got something worthwhile here.

Come and see what it is."

People reading a newspaper will skim through the headlines and stop at the

one that seems most intriguing, the one that interests them the most.

It's the same with advertisement Headlines.

You see, a headline is basically your advertisement for your ad.

Headlines by themselves will not normally make a sales, but what they are

doing is selling the readers on the idea that they should read your ad further.

​Headlines are so important that you should write a couple and then leave

the project overnight. This gives you a fresh outlook, just like the average

reader would view it.

Below are view great Headlines tip for you as a references:

- Use your Product name in the Headline if possible.

- 20% to 25% of the space of the ads.

- Long headlines generally work better than shorter ones.

- Make the headline easier to understand.

- Use the power words: Why, How, How to, You, FREE, Now, At last,

Announcing & Don't.

To design a good advertisement, it's needs a formula:

Watch the video below to find out what it is...

How we design FACEBOOK advertisment to our client..?