Founder & Trainer of R2O - Richer Lock

Richer Lock is a marketing expert in offline & online business. He has been retail industry since year 1997 when he was just 13 years old.

He is a founder of Retail to Online Marketing, senior marketing executive in gadgetria, master trainer & marketing coach.

At the age of 13, he is helping his parents in direct sales stockiest until the age of 20. During operation at stockiest, he served customer & recruit new members & agent, give seminar, attend seminar provided by the direct sales company. During stockiest life, he managed to learn network marketing, direct selling marketing plan, retail selling skills and etc.

At the age of 20 he joined Citibank as a Mortgage Executive received few rewards during Citibank life example TOP achiever in business loan. During Citibank, he skilled up himself in Tele-marketing, road show, direct approach, door-to-door selling, finance calculation, housing loan flow, legal process of mortgage & etc. Besides, he also as a team leader in Citibank Sports Club. He planned Citibank monthly sports activities, family days, branch annual dinner, treasure hunt & others activities.

At the age of 21, head hunter found him. He recruited by Sony Malaysia "SOMAS" as a sales executive in Penang Branch. In Sony Penang, he engage with Sony 10 keys dealers such as Sony Center "Central Audio”, Sony Center "Boon Av", Sony Center "CG Computers", Sony Center "Mega Engly", Sony Center "Protronics", Sony Center "Kean Yeap", Sony Key dealer "SEC" & etc. He polish up his management skills during Sony life, he learn the professional planning in product marketing, dealers marketing, road show marketing and the most interesting part is "the way of Japanese management style". Sony is a company that everything is following SOP, standard operation procedures.Therefore, he starts his life with SOP, he practice in SOP in business and personal life.

Just in 2 years of period, Mr Chee Khay Huat, a General Manager in LG Electronics Malaysia recruited him to join LGE, Penang Branch.Mr Chee gave him a higher opportunity to participate in LGE monthly top management meeting together with LGE Managing Director "TY Ko" & all the top level Korean Executives. Richer was very lucky to get a chance to sit in the top high management meeting. Mr. TY Ko, MD of LGE acknowledge his idea to kick-start a project called "Front Loading in Malaysia & Institute of Service" Both projects is successful run out and because of the this two projects, LGE managed to lead in Front-load washing machine & solve the service team challenge.

Years passed, he gets a business opportunity to open an electrical shop at his hometown offered by a chain-store.He sign-up the franchise programmes with the chain-store & start his own retail life. At the beginning 1 1/2 years, he managed to build the retails business & the business keep growing. But and finally the challenge goes towards him. His loyal customer feedback to him, his selling price is far behind the competitors in the market. He start investigate what is core issue that caused his selling price are far behind competitors. After the investigation, he found out the franchiser selling was selling to him with higher cost & lots of hidden cost towards him. He decided to end the contract with the franchiser. After termination of the franchise contract, he shut down his retail business at his hometown. From this lesson he learned during his own business, trust is a root of business partners.

Right after he shut down his retail operation, another big chain-store "Gadgetria" invite him to join their company as "senior marketing executive". He joined "Gadgetria" on May 2014 until today. He restructures the marketing department in gadgetria and launches few important projects as well.

Some success project such as:

1) Gadgetria 6 care program

2) Gadgetria re-merchandising

3) Diversify to Smartphone & Telco industry

4) Recruitment campaign

5) Combo protection campaign

6) E-commerce project

7) Umobile & Celcom Kioks concept.

& etc

With all the success campaign that he launched, gadgetria managed to recover their business by 160% latest result on July 2015 & 32% grow rate in August 2015 against July 2015

Now, Retail to Online Marketing operating with 7 branches (Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Kedah, Perak, Johor, Malacca, Sabah & Sarawak).

Recent proud of services are:

#1 Facebook management outsourcing

#2 Facebook seminars & workshops

#3 WiX Website & SEO workshop [ as a ambassador of WiX ] [ Find Out ]

#4 Website Design & E-commerce Website design [Find Out]

#5 Online Blog Advertising in Facebook "Penang Ads" , "Kuala Lumpur Ads & "Johor Ads" [ , &]

#6 Executive Officer for JobMaker Sdn Bhd []

#7 Host for few online channel [R2O 特攻队 · 华商论剑 · 营销猎人 · · JobSomok]

His vision/dream is to helping retailer & SMEs to start with online marketing.

His vision is make online sell easy !

Up coming training programs:

#1 Email Marketing

#2 Power of Sales pitching

#3 Power of Positioning

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