How to Increase Retail Business by Facebook Marketing Vol 1 Venue:MRCA, Subang

First of all, thanks for everyone attended my seminar organized by MRCA on 20.01.2016. You guys are awesome...!

Speaker: Richer Lock.

Beginning on seminar, i did a quick survey on:

1) How many people don't have FB account.? Only 1 out of 50 dont have FB account.

2) How many company don't have Company's Fan page.? 3 out of 50 don't have.

3) How many company do FB posting everyday.? Only 8 out of 50 did it.

4) How many company create event by Facebook event.? 2 out of 50 did it.

5) How many company linked their Instagram with Company's Fan page.? 3 out of 50 did it.

6) How many people play FB everyday..? 99.99% said YES...!