Retail Business is struggling after implementation of GST. What to focus now 2015?

Retail business is struggling everyday especially after implementation of GST in Malaysia. Most of the retail business owner do their very best to rescue the sales/revenue and profit before GST "before April 2015"

Based on my company clients data show that sales increase almost 50% before implementation GST on March 2015. But, sales decrease by 50% on April and 40% on May. What should retailer have to do..?

there are 5 main tips that retailer must focus now: 1) How to get more customers/lead to your retail shop? 2) How to improve conversion rate to increase sales level? 3) How to increase number of transaction by getting a same customer to buy second time? 4) How to increase average dollar sales per transaction to get higher sales per customer? 5) How to increase gross profit margin to get higher profit.? The above 5 main tips definitely will increase retailer sales revenue & sales profit. Small change-Big Move

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