Make Sure You Write a Good Content..!

Understanding that the "target audience" is 10 times more important than the

copy, and that the "offer" is 5 times more important than the copy, then that

is the ratio of the time you should spend on creating the advertisement

by focus on your products or services "benefits".

There are 4 major advertisement type of contents:

1) Local Awareness

2) Brand Awareness

3) Campaign Awareness

4) Customer Engagement

After, choosing type of advertisement, now is the step to draft your content with marketing mix 8Ps :

1) Product

2) Price

3) Place

4) Promotion

5) People

6) Physical Evidence

7) Process

8) Partnership

Combination of marketing mix 8Ps for advertisement planning is quite new in the market, below is the example for explanation:


Advertisement type: Campaign Awareness

Headlines : WoW..! WoW..! WoW..! 1st & ever " NIKON DAY" in Taiping...!

Marketing Mix combined :

- Promotion : Nikon Day

- Partnership : Partner with NIKON

- Product : Nikon Camera

- Place : Outlets location

To design more attractive advertisement Don't forget to tell your prospect what you offer them:

- Guarantees

- The package offers

- Discount or bonus offers

- Valued-at offers

- Time-limited offers

- Free offerrs

To design a good advertisement, it's needs a formula:

Watch the simple video below to find out what it is...

How we design FACEBOOK advertisement to our client..? Here're the sample:

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