Facebook Marketing - 5 Walls 15 Pillars

Before we delve into Facebook Marketing, we would like to set the foundation right by talking about the S.M.A.R.T way of successful marketing. R2O S.M.A.R.T way of Marketing (5 walls, 15 pillars) Anyone who wants to carry out successful marketing, the R2O SMART way is a simple and practical Model to follow. S.M.A.R.T is an acronym that highlights an organizational structure for marketing. The last phase of Strategic planning involves creation and execution of a marketing plan and other functional strategies. This is where S.M.A.R.T way should be introduced.

1) Let’s talk about T first. T is TEAM. Every business needs a team. A strong team and effective team will enrich creative and research efforts. It will also ease pressure through division of labor. Without a strong team your company vision and marketing strategy will not be achieved because of poor execution by your team.

2) Next is R. R is Resources & Research. To make a company profitable in the long run, we need resources and research. Resources like a strong marketing budget and a target-relevant medium etc. Without a marketing budget, all the brilliant marketing ideas will not go viral. And before launching your marketing campaign, you have to do a research on the campaign. Without proper research any investment made will be solely speculative and waiting for ROi will depend on luck.

3) The next letter is ‘A’. A stands for Analytic, Acceleration and Attributes. This refers to the actions taken on the data and information retrieved from research. It also involves the acceleration of marketing plans using available resources.

4) M Productivity stands for Market Positioning, Perception, Perspective and This involves the introduction of the product to the market through proper formation and control of public perception. Management should view positioning and product placement. It also involves the the product form both perspectives, as customers’ opinion and action is based on their perception and perspective. These two features indirectly influence productivity as they affect sales and patronage directly.

5) S is the first wall from outside. S is Sales, Speak, Serve, Sizzle & Sustain. Every company requires sales revenue to inject cash flow. So we need the Sales department to generate enough sales revenue. Marketers need to speak professionally to our prospects to purchase our product or services. After sales service is very important to make sure the customer is happy with our service. Once the customer is happy with our service, they will sizzle our great service to their network. The last S is sustain. New customer acquisition is not cheap, but once they become our customers, we have to ensure they become our loyal customers. We also have to sustain customer loyalty for as long as possible.

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