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R2O is a Facebook Marketing outsource company that provide outsourcing service to public. R2O created another Success Stories for an Online Florist Business during Valentine. Due to business P&C, we are not mentioned the company name public.

For this Project, we spend RM 4600.00 for one month. Total Fb ads setting were 8 settings. We play with R2O Formula [ 4 ways Holistic Re-targeting Ads Methods ]

The total sales generated by their website is more than RM 50,000 by just spending RM 4,600 in a month before the actual date 14 Feb 2017.

For the project above that succeed with the Facebook Marketing Tips is Using Facebook Advertisement to Re-targeting to their prospects and potential client that visited to their website. Besides, by published FB ads will helps their Google SEO Ranking goes up in Page 1.

For More information about the Facebook Marketing Tips, you can click to our BLOG [Here]

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