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Adding Your Facebook Pixel Code to Your Wix Site

  • The Facebook pixel is a marketing tool offered by Facebook, which can be used to track conversions and to create custom audiences from visitors who have previously visited your site.

  • Important:

  • In order to add the Facebook pixel, you must have a domain connected to your site.

  • Due to the recent URL update, make sure that your new clean URLs are updated inside your Facebook Advertisers account.

  • If you have any further questions about the Facebook Pixel, please contact Facebook.

To retrieve your Facebook pixel:

Sign in to your Facebook account.

  1. Follow the instructions here to create your Facebook pixel.

  2. Copy the pixel ID.

  3. Click Create Audience.

To add the Facebook pixel to your Wix account:

  • Click here to sign in to your Wix account.

  1. Hover over the user panel at the top right and click Domains.

  2. Click the expand arrow next to the relevant domain.

  3. Click the Remarketing tab.

  4. Paste the pixel ID in the field under Facebook Pixel.

  5. Click Submit.

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