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A lightbox pops up on your site to grab your visitors attention. They are a great way to tell your visitors an important message. You can choose what your lightbox looks like and where it appears on your site!

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Adding a lightbox

There are three types of lightboxes that you can add to your site:

  • A center lightbox that appears in the middle of your page.

  • A side bar lightbox that appears on the left or right of your page.

  • A full-width lightbox that appears on the top of bottom of your page.

Accessing your lightbox

As your lightbox is not placed directly on your site page, you won't see it in the regular Editor view.

You can find your lightboxes in a tab in the Pages menu. Each time you want to edit your lightbox, you can find it there and enter Lightbox Mode.

When you have finished editing your lightbox, click Exit Lightbox Mode on the top left of the Editor:

Designing your lightbox

You can add any element you want to your lightbox. Just make sure that the element you are adding is smaller than the lightbox so that it fits inside it. Click here to learn more.

You can also choose the background of your lightbox. You can have a color, image or video background. Click here to learn how to change the background of your lightbox.

Choosing how your lightbox appears (triggers)

There are two ways that you can set your lightbox to appear:

Click here to learn how to set the triggers for your lightbox.

  • On specific pages: You can make your lightbox appear when your site visitors access specific pages of your site. You can choose just one or multiple ages, or the first page the visitor sees.

  • Link to your lightbox: You can make your lightbox appear when your site visitors click an element such as a button on your site that you have linked to your lightbox.

Creating an overlay for your lightbox

The overlay is the space around your lightbox. It blocks out the rest of your site page when your lightbox is open to keep your visitors' attention on the lightbox. This lets them focus on the lightbox. You can choose the background of the overlay. Click here to learn more.

Choosing how your lightbox is closed

There are three ways that your site visitors can close the lightbox:

Previewing your lightbox

You can see what your lightbox looks like by previewing your site. Remember, if you have set your lightbox to appear on specific pages, you need to access those pages in preview to see your lightbox appear. If you have linked your lightbox from elements on your site (such as a button) make sure to click the button in preview mode to see your lightbox in action!

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